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Dec 3, 2013 5:00pm EST
standpoint. >> mike tomlin. this is tuesday, the normal day off for the redskins. josh wilson and his wife headed to the stadium to celebrate the achievement of kids and this time it is personal. josh wilson attended mt. calvary middle school. his school has won the trip to fedex to be honored. potomac landing elementary school where she went also won the honor and that is the school she attended so both of them were out there to salute those kids. >> not too long ago i just hope that when they grow up somebody returns the favor for the kids. >> to give back to the students and encourage them to lead and let them know how we feel. it is a true pleasure. >> remember the fans who sent registry gifts to rg iii? an invitation to peyton manning. he responded and signed the rsvp -- check the rig i truly regretfully declined and signed number 18, peyton manning. how many people will do that now? be invited to everybody's wetting. -- wedding. >> coming up next. >> they will have to keep it down at your holiday party and one lo a subaru... ...are the hds that do good things for the whole commu
Dec 2, 2013 5:00pm EST
. it, or didrest lose the redskins? >> the redskins lost it. they continued their inconsistency last night, the players and the coaches, to be honest. out though the nfl came today that the officials blew it at the end with that first down, i don't think it mattered. they lack confidence, consistency, control, and now it is wait until next year. turn out the lights, this party is over. say,at do you want me to man? >> the redskins finally officially lose a chance of the playoffs after a heartbreaking loss to the giants. >> we miss the opportunity to reach our role. >> robert griffin iii was on fire. went 73 yards in 15 plays, culminating in this touchdown. >> we were putting points up and able to move the ball really well and the second half we shot ourselves in the foot. >> the redskins cost themselves huge chunks of field position through penalties. plus the offense sacked rg iii five times in the second half. >> we were not getting it done. >> there was still one chance to tie the score. but washington missed the playoffs in three of four mike shanahan seasons. is he the right coa
Dec 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
good old kansas city barbecue will help the redskins. >> in case you haven't heard, they've only won three of 12 games this year. they are floundering and i have said for weeks they ought to possible dozens for a trade. let rg iii recharges batteries, but rg iii is not excited about letting cousins play at all. >> it would be cowardly of me to check out and say i don't want to play these next four games. that is not who i am great as not to any competitive football player is. we are going to finish out the year and you take what happened this year and you face it. we've got four games and i'm going to give it to them. >> mike tomlin has been fined for stepping on the field in front of jacoby jones. he has been fined $100,000 and now there is buying talk about the steelers losing a draft pick. he nfl should give it all at once or not at all. what are they waiting for? are winningwizards games and having fun, our rent due wizards reporter, montel webster gave an interview this afternoon. go ahead. >> how do you feel with the offense? >> i feel great. the deal we have on this team is th
Dec 5, 2013 5:00pm EST
preparation for duke? >> he is preparing right now and ask acted to perform well. >> the redskins trying to hold things together, be competitive the last four games. you know the questions being asked around town are not about beating the chiefs. the number one question i hear is about mike shanahan, his contract, will he and his staff be back next year for the final year of the contract. rg iii was asked if he endorses mike shanahan. >> everyone is going to have an opinion and it is an outside opinion. only the people inside, us, coaches, everybody else in the organization knows what goes on around here. >> what is your opinion? >> my opinion of? >> the future. >> i think these guys have a great feature and i love having them here, and that is all i can say. we are focused on kansas city, they are focused on kansas city, that is all we can control. >> so rg iii does not endorse mike shanahan. he just say anything about mike shanahan. >> thank you very much. >> "scandal" is all new and abc 7 prime time. silas realizes he may have gone too far, while the team is getting closer to the trut
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4